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– A Canvas of Unforgettable Landscapes and Wildlife Magnificence –

Sometimes words are not enough. Sometimes the beauty transcends any description and touches a wordless core. So it is with the Victoria Falls. This life experience is but one exquisite thread in Zimbabwe’s African tapestry. Blue waters, green stretches, white pans and golden grasses colour the plateau and mountains. And through it all, a procession of wildlife magnificence.

Explore the World of The Falls

A host of activities provide opportunities to experience each and every ‘face’ of The Falls:

On a Jet Boat trip above The Falls, feel the rush, twist and swirl of the river before it plunges into the gorge.

Follow the pathway overlooking The Falls: a scenic journey of no less than 16 viewpoints. A thrilling experience of thundering waters, soaring mist clouds, spray showers and soaring rainbows.

Take the ‘Flight of Angels’ – a helicopter trip over The Falls. From this vantage point, marvel at the rock-slicing course of the Zambezi below The Falls.

Go to the ‘Wild Side’

Follow the Zambezi to yet another World Heritage Site: The Mana Pools National Park. This fertile, water-rich oasis is a veritable gathering of natural and wildlife beauty.

A recent animal count in the Hwange National Park tallied a dizzying total of 34,773 animals of which 21, 290 were elephants. This is a fine tribute to the passionate commitment of Ted Davison, the first warden.

To the south east lies a trio of wildlife treasures: The Gonarezhou National Park, the adjoining Malilangwe Reserve and the recently extended, unfenced, cross-border expanse of the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park.

Quick Facts

Population: 14.15 million

Area: 390,580 km²

Preferred Properties: 4

A Hwange wildlife moment.

With no surface water in the Park, and dribbles of rain for a large portion of the year, the water supplied by water pumps is a lifeline.

Tailored family experiences are on offer at certain camps.

Music is a core component of the Shona culture. Local instruments include the mbira (finger piano), marimba (xylophone) and, of course, the ngoma (drums).

A Romeo and Juliet bed under the stars: set overlooking a popular waterhole, with private dining and bathroom facilities.

Starlit baths and a floating star viewing deck are other romantic features of Ruckomechi Camp.

Rarities are to be found within the Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve.

Activities include tracking black rhino; game drives graced with the striking pose of a male sable and bush walks to beautifully preserved ancient rock art sites.

As you look across the immense expanse of Lake Kariba, the world’s largest man-made lake and reservoir, you could be forgiven for thinking that this was a sea face.

Patches of petrified forests and a tally of 102 islands are reminders of the great changes that have taken place. Water-based activities are the order of the day amidst year-round sunshine.