– A Celebration of Wildlife and Riverscapes –

It is a given. Where there is water, there will be wildlife, and where there is water in abundance, there you are guaranteed wildlife in abundance. Zambia is blessed with both these remarkable assets. Powerful rivers shape valleys and floodplains, islands and sandbanks, swamps, lakes and waterfalls. These sanctuaries are known to the animals, and it is here that they come.

Explore the Kafue

The Kafue River and its network of tributaries nurture the remarkable landscapes of the Kafue National Park. The Busanga floodplains, tree-islands, grasslands and swamps are especially rich viewing areas. Cascades of migrant and resident bird life, wild dog hunting packs, resident lion prides and rare antelope: a sliver of what you can expect to see here.

Explore the Luangwa

You will find The South Luangwa National Park along the fertile reaches of the Luangwa River valley. Recurring u-shaped oxbow lagoons highlight the river’s twisting course. ‘Exceptional Viewing’ is etched into every contour of this acclaimed area. The Zambian tradition of a Walking Safari will provide a unique window on this wild world.

Explore the Zambezi

Below the explosive majesty of Victoria Falls and vast expanse of Lake Kariba, the Lower Zambezi Valley awaits. National Parks protect both shores of this wildlife haven. Discover the land and water wonder-worlds of this lush rift valley. A choice blend of Game Drives, Canoe Safaris, Fishing excursions and Walking Safaris is available.

Quick Facts

Population: 14.54 million

Area: 752,614 km²

Preferred Properties: 2

A viewing feast: resident lion prides of the Busanga Plains.

These regal predators have adapted to hunting game through the shallow floodplain waters. They have also been observed climbing trees.

Take to the skies and revel in the views of a Busanga Hot Air Balloon Safari.

Follow the water-paths of red lechwe and puku; watch processions of plains’ game. A champagne breakfast will greet your landing.

Choose from a range of beautifully appointed, riverside accommodation options within the Luangwa and Zambezi valleys.

From the canopied environs of these perfect spaces, perfect days melt into perfect sunsets.

Feel the peak-flow spray of Victoria Falls as you cross Knife-Edge Bridge.

The Boiling Pot (water levels permitting), and Devil’s Pool in the dry season are other sensational Zambian viewing options. Victoria Falls and the surrounding Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.