– A Tropical Dreamscape of Aqua Shimmers and Lake Shores –

Crystal waters define this immense, ocean-wide expanse. Seven lakes mark the fractured seam of the Great Rift Valley. This African Great Lake is the culmination. The translucent, mineral-rich waters spill into Mozambique and Tanzania. Here they are known as Lago Niassa and Lake Nyasa, the ‘great water’. However, it is in Malawi, in the ‘Land of the Lake’, that Lake Malawi shapes a giant fifth of the landmass

Relax in Malawi, Swim in Mozambique

To the north-east, surrounded by the territorial waters of Mozambique, lies the exclave of Likoma Island. The tropical romance of this inhabited island is celebrated at its southern tip. Here, Kaya Mawa Lodge provides a sensuous interlude to your travels.

Move to Island Rhythms

This is your space, your choice and your time: a rare opportunity to flow with the gentle pulse of island life. Kaya Mawa, maybe tomorrow, maybe tomorrow.

Silence Between Beats

Panoramic lake views, evergreen Mango trees, age-old baobabs, bougainvillea colour- bursts, contoured granite outcrops and a crescent of golden beach, texture the rich variety of quiet spaces. Take your pick: private decks, plunge pools, secluded viewpoints and a scattering of tucked-away shaded areas to relax, complete with the irresistible comforts of cushioned sun loungers and swing beds.

Underwater Divas

Mirror-clear lake waters guarantee enthralling underwater viewings. Signature throngs of cichlid fish dazzle in rainbow flashes; catfish hulks hover in rock crevices and intriguing rock formations invite speculation. With no tides, no currents, laser clarity and ambient water temperatures, you will experience the very best of freshwater snorkelling and diving.

Sail and Paddle Medley

Gentle morning breezes provide optimum conditions for your introduction to the exhilarating sport of Kite Surfing. Sailing, waterskiing, kneeboarding and wakeboarding are other great options. On-site instructors are available for all water sports. Single and double kayaks are on hand for a scenic paddle. Keen fishermen will enjoy the duality of shore and lake fishing.

Land Notes

Malawi is renowned as the land of warm smiles. This is clearly evident in the friendly greetings you will receive from locals of all ages. You have the option to walk, cycle or take a quad bike into the nearby town of Mbamba, passing by the Nkwazi village and school, an enriching community-visit option. Within the town, the landmark of St Peter’s cathedral pays homage to the rich legacy of Livingstone and the pioneer missionaries that followed.

Community Compositions

Katundu Textiles is a flagship Kaya Mawa Fair trade community project. This inspirational venture provides employment for the disadvantaged groups of single mothers and orphans. Visit their hilltop workshop overlooking Lake Malawi to view their exquisite handiwork: hand stitched, shell and bead-patterned linens, distinctive clothing, customized mosquito nets, gift items and inspired lighting creations.

Quick Facts

Population: 16.36 million

Area: 118,480 km²

Preferred Properties: 1

Spectacular viewpoints, dreamy sunsets, al fresco dinners set against a backdrop of island beauty, an exclusive set of private spaces that make elegant use of natural materials, and the forever-whisper of the lake waters: a place to spend unforgettable time with close friends, family and loved ones.

A host of prestigious international and local awards, including those of Condé Nast and Tripadvisor, pay tribute to the Kaya Mawa Lodge experience.

Lake Malawi is home to a wealth of fish species, including over a 1000 intricately adapted species of cichlid.

The majority of these species are notable for the advanced evolutionary practice of maternal mouthbrooding. The fertilized eggs are incubated in the females mouth, and in their early stages, the fry live off the yolk sac before swimming free. However, should danger threaten, the female draws them back into this place of safety.

The impressive granite and brick cruciform structure of St Peter’s cathedral represents the fruition of the Scottish Anglican mission work begun in Likoma in 1886. In June 2005, it celebrated its centenary.

Notable features include the shards of beautiful light cast by the numerous fine stained-glass windows, carved soapstone choir stalls and a crucifix carved from a tree close to the village where David Livingstone died. Do not miss the view from the bell tower.