– Iridescent Sweeps of Aquamarine Colour Land, Sea and Sky –

A fusion of tropical beauty blends the worlds above and below these protected waters. The vast coastline curves from its golden reaches in the Tanzanian north, to a far-south rendezvous with South Africa, while shadowing the Mozambique Channel en route. Off-shore, the archipelagos of Quirimbas and Bazaruto, together with the southern reserve of Ponto do Ouro, provide sanctuary to a marine world of threatened magnificence and global importance.

Change tempo and relax

The soothing tropical-ocean rhythms of a beach holiday in Mozambique offer a perfect counter to the proximate bush safari experiences of Tanzania and southern Africa.

This is time out. The sand is soft, the water warm and the cocktails sensational. Perhaps a gentle walk or horse ride later; perhaps a sundowner Dhow cruise; perhaps a skin-cooling deep massage – if the inclination takes you.

Immerse yourself in the beauty

You are surrounded by some of the world’s most pristine reefs and dive sites, suitable for all levels of expertise.

In the warm shallows

You might catch a glimpse of the endangered dugong: an enigmatic creature that has birthed the myths and legends of mermaids and sirens.

An underwater festival of colours

Streamers of reef fish set against an array of hard and soft corals; neon pops of invertebrate nudibranchs, spectacular gatherings of anemones, attended by their barred and striped clown fish.

Premium dive sites

Site names like ‘Brindle Bass Ridge’, ‘Manta Ray Reef’, ‘Barra Lagoon’ and ‘Chamber of Secrets’ leave little doubt that there are thrilling apex-predator encounters in store.

Feisty Tag & Release Game Fishing

These waters host a collection of game fishing’s “Top 100” defined by their speed, stamina and aerial acrobatics: Giant trevally (GT), king, queen and Spanish mackerel, sailfish, black and striped marlin, and holder of the number 1 position, the blue marlin.

Seasonal Offerings

In addition to the engaging exuberance of resident dolphin pods, seasonal sightings include large schools of hammerhead sharks, gentle-giant congregations of whale sharks and the breaching spectacle of migrating humpbacks.

Turtle Treasure

Southern Mozambique has a wealth of leatherback (Critically Endangered) and loggerhead (Endangered) turtle nesting sites. Decades of dedicated and co-operative conservation efforts between Mozambique and South Africa have resulted in significant increases in this nesting population.

Traveller’s Note: In a country where fishing is the main source of income for over 70% of households, community skill development, support of local ventures, employment and community facility upliftment are integral to the success of all marine conservation endeavours.

Quick Facts

Population: 25.83 million

Area: 801,590 km²

Preferred Properties: 1

Picturesque surrounds frame this intimate hideaway.

The exclusive resorts and island retreats of Mozambique offer a range of customized accommodation. The rich textures of interior finishes, private spaces and beautiful outlooks will enhance every aspect of your travel experience.

Crayfish, mussels, prawns, squid, shrimps and super-sized mangrove crabs – a gourmet’s culinary heaven of freshly caught fruits de mer.

These ingredients are the heroes of many signature dishes such as grilled prawns piri-piri (spicy-spicy), battered shrimp rissois, and the clam stew known as matata. Garlic, coriander, hot chili and sweet paprika seasonings pay tribute to the dominant influence of Portuguese cuisine.

Warm waters, high visibility, undisturbed reefs and remarkable biodiversity combine to make snorkelling and diving within Mozambique’s marine reserves simply exceptional.

Fascinating new evidence has come to light regarding the alliance between clownfish and their stinging protectors. It now appears that the swim-wriggles of the clownfish aerate the water around their stationary hosts, assisting them to breathe.

The Azura Retreats’ room furnishings and décor celebrate and support the craft skills of the Siyazisiza Trust craft organization that empowers thousands of previously disadvantaged individuals.

Other successful community ventures include the African “pack for a purpose” initiative, which encourages travellers to set aside a little luggage space for much-needed provisions.